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Mazu Pro Elite

Mazu Pro Elite

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The thinnest and longest individual surfski of MAZU, ideal for the serious competitor!!

Length: 620cm

Width: 43cm

Athlete:  till +/- 100 kg

Weight: 8.5 to 14 kg (depending on construction)

Models:  Special Club, Sport, Marathon and GT

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About Mazu Surfski

Compared to other surfski’s on the market, MAZU is typically shorter in length and lighter. This makes them more nimble in ocean conditions, able to take off on every run and turn with ease through the waves. The lighter weight makes them more responsive. The seating position is slightly forward and the foot position lower than the seat. Experienced paddlers will recognise the advantage of this for catching runs in the ocean, wash-riding in races, and long term comfort and less fatigue.

  • Special Club

    Fibreglass sandwich with an epoxy vacuum system. Produced in one piece only inside.

    Weight: 13 - 14 kg

  • Sport

    Carbon/Glassfiber/PVC. Produced in one piece only inside in Epoxy vacuum system.

    Weight: ~ 12 kg

  • Marathon

    Honeycomb / PVC / Carbon and/or Carbon & Kevlar and/or Kevlar with an epoxy vacuum system.

    Weight: ~ 10 kg

Try Before You Buy

Check out our Mazu range and find which version matches your paddling style, skill level and the unique characteristics of each craft.

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