Elio K2 Sonic

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All the excellent features of the fast SONIC in double version. It was designed to be stable on the water surface, to be fast and to reduce the wave drag. With an aggressively designed hull and a compatible deck, we have probably got the fastest K2 of the moment.  Ideal for Sprint / Marathon.  Available in all constructions: 12 to 18kg.

Length: 650 - Available in three sizes:


Athlete: till +/- 180 Kg

Cockpit: 39 x 93cm

Adjustable seat - Height: 30 cm


Athlete: till +/- 160 Kg

Cockpit: 42 x 98cm

Adjustable seat - Height: 28 cm


Athlete: till +/- 140 Kg

Cockpit: 38 x 93cm

Adjustable seat - Height: 27 cm