Elio Kayaks

High performance equipment hand crafted to the highest standards

Elio Kayaks is a high performance leading boat manufacturer, founded in 1979 by Elio Nogueira. The goal was and still is to create conditions for athletes so they could have effective and capable kayaks that could ensure a good performance at a low price.  The company’s philosophy is to maintain a close relationship with athletes, coaches and users in order to point our production to more competitive results, always with the commitment between quality and price.

At the final stage for the 2106 Olympic Games at the Portugal 200m Sprint Championships over half the boats in A-Final were Elio.  The victory was taken in an Elio Sonic paddled by Hugo Rocha, who won by almost half a boat length against the top Olympic paddlers. Among others, paddlers like Fernando Pimenta, Emanuel Silva, João Ribeiro, Diogo Lopes, who paddle with the same Elio kayak model. 

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Elio Kayak Construction


Fiberglass sandwich with an epoxy vacuum system. 

Produced in one piece only inside.


Carbon / PVC / Fiberglass around cockpit. Fibreglass / Spheretex sandwich.

Produced in one piece inside in Epoxy vacuum system.


Carbon / Glassfiber / PVC. Produced in one piece only inside in Epoxy vacuum system.


Carbon&Kevlar and/or Kevlar with Epoxy.

Produced in one piece only in Epoxy vacuum system.

Elio Exclusive.


Sprint Special Carbon. Carbon / PVC / Carbon. 

Produced in one piece only in Epoxy vacuum system.


Honeycomb / PVC / Carbon and/or Carbon & Kevlar

and/or Kevlar with an epoxy vacuum system.